Dragons’ Heart Martial Arts offers a holistic and integrated approach to traditional Pai Lum Tao Martial Arts through the practice of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Meditation for both children and adults.  Emphasis is placed on the development of internal energy, harmonizing the balance of body, mind, and spirit in a stress free, family oriented, child friendly environment.  (Come heal your body and mend your mind at Dragons’ Heart!)

The name “Dragons’ Heart” was conceived to show a student centered approach. One heart, our school, with many dragons, our students. Our students make the school.




The very foundation of our school. At Dragons’ Heart our students are treated as family. Emphasis is place on our core values including; Honor, Loyalty, Respect, and Courage.

Our children’s classes are geared around fun and learning.  Many games and activities are actually drills which help focus and develop the student’s balance, timing, and awareness. Proper etiquette is practiced throughout with an emphasis on structure, self discipline and respect with the goals of  building self esteem, resilience, self confidence, and a sense of accomplishment.

The junior curriculum builds upon the children’s curriculum with higher standards and expectations. Emphasis is placed  on posture, stance and technique.  We look to develop the students ability to visualize, focus, and execute techniques with a higher level of proficiency.




SiGung Joe McGuire

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